Do you eat vitamin D Tablet regularly?


New Zealand: Many people eat vitamin D tablets in today’s time. Researchers at the University of Oakland in New Zealand have studied vitamin D tablets. Vitamin D tablets do not give bones stronger

Vitamin D is one of the most beneficial for the body. The study published in The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology. Vitamin D should be administered when a rare condition such as rites and asthma has been reported. Elderly people are given vitamin D tablets.

Take Vitamin D Everyday? This Will Make You Think Twice


Vitamin D doctors recommended anxiety for obesity to prevent osteoporosis. The researchers say that when the urine is in tin, the vitamin tablets are becoming more and more full of sulfur.

The researchers say they eat vitamin supplements without eating pills to get vitamin D. Salmon Fish, mushrooms, milk, eggs, whole grains and pulses are rich in Vitamin D. In the year 2016, a 10-year-old man who died of vitamin D tablets was excessive in order to improve the body.

The child died because the doctors spent more gulikal alavinekkal safe intake levels of vitamin pill vyaktamakkiyirunnu.amita potentially toxic AIIMS, Delhi (teaksirri Vitamin D) causing doctors velippetuttiyirunnu.intyan Journal of pidiyatriksil Samson child’s body, Information published a detailed report was buried.


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