Foreigners have been reported to have been paid more than 1500 dinars for obtaining employment visa in Kuwait



Kuwait. Foreigners complained that more than 1500 denarii had to be given jobs in Kuwait. The Kuwait Human Rights Society has made several complaints regarding the exploitative exploitation of the victims.

The Kuwait Labor Law said that the sponsor who recruits workers from abroad should be sentenced to imprisonment for up to three years and imprisonment from 2000 dinar to 10,000 dinar. However, the Society’s report points out that the country’s production is futile. The Human Rights Society recommended that the workers should not be dealt with without hearing and injustice. There is also a widespread complaint that sponsors are betraying laborers in many cases.

Do not pay your salary after work. If you ask, the work permit can be canceled or lodged as an absconder. The Kuwait Human Rights Society’s demand for translators in seven foreign languages ​​to provide legal assistance to Arab foreigners is not considered by the Labor Department in Manpower Authority.


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