You need to secure your Facebook account


It is important to ensure the security of Facebook accounts in the context of concerns that Facebook accounts can be hacked. Some suggestions given by Kerala Police to secure your Facebook account

The Facebook account is available to check what devices are logged in. Log in to Facebook and get the settings. By clicking on the Security & Login tab, you can see which devices you have logged in. This facility is available in desk top, IOS and Android versions. If you notice sign-in from an unfamiliar device, click on the menu that appears to the right and click Log out. There is also a login-based notification system from unknown locations. If it put it on, it will receive information for future notification.

Account security can be increased through two-factor authentication. This leads to less risk of hacking.

Let’s see how to enable to-factor authentication

1- Log in to your Facebook account
2- Click on the triangle icon in the top right and take the settings
3- Go to Security & Login-Menu Here you will find a two-factor authentication option
4- You can view the Start to Factor Authentication option
5- Click on to-factor authentication. There are two types of verification when logging in. Choose what type of verification you need. The authentication app can also be selected from the text message option or Google Authenticator and Diode Mobile.


Text Message Option

1- Once the text message option is selected the SMS number will be sent to the mobile           number registered for verification.
2- Enter the box that appears on this code screen.
3- To-date factor authentication is enabled and received.

Authentication app

1- If there is no registered phone number or you do not wish to use this option
Select Authentication App. Install any authentication app.
2- Scan the QR code on the screen and hit the code in the invention app
3- The app will get a new code. Enter it when prompted. That’s the two-factor
Authentication functionality.

Change your Facebook account password immediately

Please note that the password should be changed immediately when there is no security on Facebook. It is recommended that you change the password and use complicated passwords.



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