Karthiyani Amma is the state foster who earned 98 marks in 100 out of 100 at 96


Karthiyani Amma secured 98 marks in 100 out of 100 The state literacy mission informed Karthiyani Amma who scored 98 marks. The photograph of Kartayayani Amma and Ramachandran Pillai came to the UP school in Mudunnanellur on August 10 last year.

Kartayani Amma never went to school. Younger daughter Akminyamama passed the tenth class equivalent exam two years ago. Since then, Karthiayani has begun to learn from Amma. Karthiyani Amma was the oldest in the exam who recorded 42,933. Ramachandran Pillai who wrote the exam with 88 score. Lecturer is the project implemented by the State Literacy Mission with the objective to eradicate illiteracy among the elderly. 42,333 students appeared for the exam. This year’s pass percentage is 99.08%.

Questions from literacy literacy prepared by the State Literacy Mission. Written test was forty marks. A score of 30 marks and a score of 30 marks were conducted. In the writing, Kartayani Amma received 38 out of 40 points. The whole mark was given in reading and mathematics. Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will deliver a certificate to the function at the function. Chief Minister’s certificate will be presented at the Chief Minister’s Conference Hall at 12 noon. The eye of the eye can not go up to hospital in this age. Vegetarian eating habits.


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