Did you know the first Indian who has reached 10 million subscribers on YouTube?


In the past, a boy named Buban Bam was found to have sung songs and sung songs in the cafes and cafes. If you do not pay any money on YouTube, The 23-year-old is the first Indian to get 10 million subscribers on YouTube. Please be honest, youtube’s success story of this young man.

Buenos Auburn has posted on his Facebook page that he has posted videos on restaurants and other events. But one of the friends asked me to share videos on Youtube. That’s the way we move to U tube. The first video received just 20 votes.

Things changed in May 2015. A Sutter made a mockery of a TV reporter’s rational question regarding Kashmir flood. That’s the viral way and the way out. More than 15,000 views were found.

Bibi had uploaded the videos continuously. The channel is named after BB Ki Vince. In just a year, two million subscribers have gained history through YouTube. In 2016 BB was involved with The Viral Fever Platform.


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