Here’s a tough diet to reduce the umbrella by one day!


No one shocked by the title! Do not doubt whether it will happen in a day or so. This is a diet that gets the best result in a single day. This is a model that has been tested in foreign countries. But that does not mean that one day Alila will have the wire.

It is a diet containing only juices. The task of this diet plan is to eliminate toxins that are falling into the abdomen. Wear can also be used to absorb calories accurately. And the wires will be less easily reduced when you exercise regularly. If you have been able to put it all on a single day for just one day, then the one who looks after you will find you slowly.

This is not something you need to suffer from hunger, like diet diets. The first thing you need to do is take the line. A totally healthy male can have up to 40 inches in length and 35 inch in a female. If you have more of these things, you can start the diet plan.

The first step is to drink a glass of water in a small amount of hot water at 8 am. Drink juice from an orange juice with a glass of warm water at exactly 10 o’clock. At 12 o’clock a cup can be green tea. Foot with carrot juice and a glass of warm water.


At 3 o’clock you can like a tea that you like. It can be either green tea, tea or tea or tea. At 5 o’clock, drink a glass of fruit juice that you like best. At 7 o’clock in the morning you need to drink a glass of green tea. Do not drink a glass of fresh water in a glass of hot water. Apply juice to hot water at 10 o’clock.

Prepare a diet plan based on the health condition of each person.


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